Week of April 10th!

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  • SAVE The DATE!! Mrs. Fernandes’ Classes’ Author’s Tea: Thursday, April 27th from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.!
  • SAVE the DATE!! First Grade Tiger Town-May 12th! Mark your calendars-we will need LOTS of parent volunteers!! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!
  • April Homework Choice Boards-Are coming home Monday. The items for the Shape Museum are due THIS WEEK!!
Math: This week we will delve more into 3-dimensional, solid shapes. Please have your child bring in their 3-dimensional objects this week for our Shape Museum! They will continue getting a lot of hands-on practice with tan-grams, pattern blocks and picture creation.

Reading: This week we compare and contrast the information we can glean from illustrations vs. the information we learn from text. We will continue reading our Read Aloud chapter book. We will also start practicing how to read longer passages and answer comprehension questions after highlighting information.

Writing: Students will write about their vacations. We will also try our hand at writing realistic fiction which will then segue to fiction/fantasy writing. We are also starting to focus upon building our vocabulary and using more interesting, or “sparkling” words in our writing!

Phonics: This week we will be learning the diphthong /ou/ or “ow” sound using the letters “ow”  as in crowd, and “ou” as in round.

Science: Students loved going on our nature walk, sketching the plants and then painting them in class! We will wrap up our unit on the wonderful world of plants and there will be an assessment early in the week!

Social Studies: This week we will be learning about George Washington Carver and all of his contributions to the worlds of science, farming and peanuts! This unit will tie in nicely to our Science unit on Plants.

S.T.E.M.: Students had so much fun creating their free-standing plants using STEM materials, and then conjuring up a magical story involving the plant’s magical powers. We were able to identify the characteristics of those creations that met the challenge, and those that fell short. This was a great learning experience for all! This week we will be building off of our solid figure math unit and will be creating 3-dimensional solid figures using toothpicks and mini-marshmellows.


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