Week of May 8th!

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 Weekly Reminders:

  • Tritt Tiger Town this Friday, May 12th! Our goal is to have each student earn $10.00 to spend by Friday. Check in with your child on their running total this far!
  • Library Books DUE- Our last day going to the ILC will be this Monday, May 8th. Please send in ALL library books from home, as they are all due! Thank you for saving me work down the road!!
  • NO Homework This Week!- There will be no more homework, nor spelling tests this year! However, have your children read for 20 minutes each day, as well as practice their math facts! It is important so they do not give up any of the great gains they have made this year!
What We’re Learning This Week:
Math: We will spend the last couple weeks of school spiraling back through all that we have learned this year! We will be doing this through fun games and activities!

Reading: We will spend the last couple weeks reviewing all of our reading strategies that we have learned this year. I will also begin assessing for our end of the year report cards.

Writing: We will be writing a fiction story about an imaginary bug world, to accompany a painting they created. We will also be writing all about their Mothers!!!

Science: We will be wrapping up our unit on Animals .

Social Studies:  We will be wrapping up our unit on Goods and Services, culminating with Tritt Tiger Town!

Enjoy your week!


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