Week of May 1st!


Animal Habitat Fun!!

Weekly Reminders:

  • Author’s Tea- This Thursday, May 4th from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.!
  • STEM Showcase-This Tuesday, May 2nd
What We’re Learning This Week:
Math: This week we will start solving 2-step word problems, which will really put all of our math skills to the test! As always, we will focus on the process: underlining the facts, circling the question, then working through the problem using a strategy. We will also learn and practice adding 2-digit addition problems, such as 23+45.

Reading: Students will be reading with a purpose this week. We will be reading nonfiction books about animals while taking notes on different, specified categories. We will then turn these notes into a research paper on animals.

Writing: We are excited to see you all this Thursday for our Author’s Tea! This week we will dabble in fiction writing, incorporating an animal theme. We will also be learning about using conjunctions: or, and, if because, so, before, but, and then to expand our sentences. At this point in the year, students are expected to start all sentences with capital letters, and end with the appropriate punctuation marks!

Phonics: This week we will be learning how to spell the /u/ sound as in push, would and took.

Science: We will be wrapping up our unit on Animals through completing our research reports as well as through creative writing!

Social Studies:  We will start our unit on Goods and Services. We will focus on money, needs and wants, producers and consumers, making choices,  generally, understanding the basis of how our world operates, ha! This will be in preparation for our Tritt Tiger Town where they will be exchanging their money for Goods and Services of their choice!

S.T.E.M.: Students loved creating their animal habitats with their groups. This week we will partake in an Eagle Challenge, where they will have to create an eagle that will soar. We will incorporate producers and consumers in this challenge!


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