Week of April 24th!

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  • Celebrating the Arts! This Wednesday, Performing Arts Presentation. This Friday, Arts in Ed Day!
  • Author’s Tea Date Change!! Mrs. Fernandes’ Classes’ Author’s Tea: Thursday, May 4th from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.!
  • Please send in any small to medium sized BOXES for our STEM Zoo Challenge-building an animal habitat. Also, please ask your child if he/she needs any additional materials for his/her group.
  • SAVE the DATE!! First Grade Tiger Town-May 12th! Mark your calendars-we will need LOTS of parent volunteers!! VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!!
Math: We will continue reviewing and reinforcing addition, subtraction, missing addend, and our problem solving abilities utilizing these skills. Also, students have started to earn dimes for Tiger Town. We’ve started exchanging our dimes for dollars, so please reinforce this concept at home! They need to earn $8.00 to participate in Tiger Town!

Reading: We will continue working on our higher level comprehension skills including the students’ ability to successfully identify the cause and effect of events in the stories that we are reading. Students will get to practice this skill in their reading logs this week.

Writing: We are busily preparing our books for our Author’s Tea. Also, we will try our hand at writing realistic fiction which will then segue to fiction/fantasy writing. We will continue focusing upon building our vocabulary and using more interesting, or “sparkling” words in our writing! Students are becoming more adept at using these words in their writing, as well as identifying them in the books they are reading. This is something we will be focusing upon for the rest of the year.

Phonics: This week we will be learning the /ar/ sound as in shark, charm and start.

Science: We will continue our exciting unit on Animals. This week we will start creating a book about all that we are learning. I continue to encourage you to send in any favorite books your child loves about a particular animal/animals!! We have received quite a few and I am enjoying reading these with the class!

S.T.E.M.: We started our Zoo Challenge! Students had to select an animal that was NOT at the Atlanta Zoo. They then had to work with a group to design a habitat for this animal that could fill the vacant building at the Atlanta Zoo.  We researched these animals and will CREATE these habitats this Thursday.  Students will need some materials from home, so please send these in BY THURSDAY. They all know what they need, but feel free to email me with questions.


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