Week of March 27th!

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  • Report Cards-Please send back your signed envelopes, if you haven’t yet!
  • March Homework Choice Boards are due this Friday! Please send in the green sheet with all work stapled to it.
  • SAVE The DATE!! Mrs. Fernandes’ Classes’ Author’s Tea: Thursday, April 27th from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.!
  • Next week is Spring Break from April 3rd-7th!
Math: We will wrap up our unit on measurement with an assessment. We will start our unit on shapes and will be discussing and identifying defining and non-defining attributes. They will be getting a lot of hands on practice with tangrams, pattern blocks and picture creation.

Reading: This week we will continue practicing how to identify the connections between 2 characters, events, ideas or pieces of information in the text. This will extend from our unit on finding similarities in text. We will also start to discuss the different types of information that can be learned from illustrations vs. text. We have also started reading a Read Aloud Chapter Book!

Writing: Students really enjoyed writing their own Public Service Announcements. We all got to learn about causes (protecting animals!!) that they care about and they were able to try to drive some change in these areas! Look for a Public Service Announcement coming your way about STEM! This week we will write narratives about a spring memory. This will tie in nicely to our plant/spring unit.

Phonics: This week we will be learning the “eer” sound using the letters “ear” “eer,” as in the words “cheer” and “year.”

Science: We will continue reading, writing about and discussing the wonderful world of plants! This week we will be observing the wonderful world of plants and trying to recreate some of our own! I love all of the intuitiveness of the students on this subject!

S.T.E.M.: Students will work on and finalize their S.T.E.M. plant creations, as well as their magical stories and will be able to share these with their classmates. I look forward to hearing them all!


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