Week of March 20th!!

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  • Report Cards¬†are going home this Thursday, the 23rd. Please sign the envelopes and return this Friday, the 24th!
  • SAVE The DATE!! Mrs. Fernandes’ Classes’ Author’s Tea: Thursday, April 27th from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.!
  • THANK YOU for all of your gifts, flowers, candies, cards, lunches etc…!! It was SUCH a special week. I feel greatly appreciated and thank you all from the bottom of my heart!
  • There will be no Family Journal this week due to St. Patrick’s Day activities ūüôā
Math: This week we will be learning about measurement. Students will be ordering objects from shortest to longest, estimating the length of objects, and finding the actual length of objects using non-standard units of measurement, such as cubes and pennies.

Reading: This week we will be practicing how to identify the connections between 2 characters, events, ideas or pieces of information in the text. This will extend from our unit on finding similarities in text.

Writing: Students will be learning how to write Public Service Announcements. This will tie in nicely to our units on Opinion and Informational Writing! They will be writing their own Public Service Announcements!

Phonics:¬†This week we will be learning the “00” sound using the letters “oo,” “ew,” and ¬†“ue” as in the words pool, threw and rule.

Science: We will be kicking off our unit on plants! I know we have some budding botanists in the class, so this should be fun for all!

S.T.E.M.: We will be creating our plant STEM project. Students will have to create a plant that has magical powers. This will be a STEM projects that incorporates writing and creativity!


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