Week of March 13th!

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  • SAVE The DATE!! Mrs. Fernandes’ Classes’ Author’s Tea: Thursday, April 27th from 7:30 a.m.-8:30 a.m.!!!
  • THANK YOU for all of your generous book donations from the Book Fair. The students are enjoying reading them and I will be using them for lessons. Please know how much I appreciate them all!
  • Classroom Supplies Update: Thank you for all of the glue sticks!!! As you know, we all do a ton of writing in our class. We seem to have gone through hundreds of pencils. If you happen to be out and see pencils at the store, it would be great if you could send some in, preferably sharpened, but not necessary! Lastly, many of our markers are spent. We have gone through our extras as well. Sorry about all the requests-they are a busy and productive group! There is nothing better than new markers, pencils and glue sticks!
Weekly News:
Math: This week I will assess adding to 100. Then, we will be focusing upon subtracting within 100 and beyond. As always, please review math facts: addition and subtraction to 20 each night at home! It will help in everything we are doing and learning in math!

Reading: We will start learning about Point-of View while reading. This will focus upon who is telling the story and what effect this has upon the details and essence of the story. This will be incorporated into their reading logs.

Writing: Students will be writing persuasive pieces this week. We will also continue working with verbs, subject/verb agreement and verb tenses (past, present and future).

Phonics: We will be working on the “or” sound by using the letters, or/oar/ore/ such as in the words “sport,” “board,” and “score.”

Social Studies: We will be culminating our Harriet Tubman unit and there will be an assessment this week.

S.T.E.M.: Students loved building their cup structures. We were able to incorporate measurement through estimation and actual measurement using non-standard units of measurment. We also ordered their structures from smallest to largest. They are working so well collaboratively, through creativity and communication. Their critical thinking skills are really developing as well and students were able to deduce what strategies produced better results. This week we will kick off our plants STEM activity which will fit nicely into our plants unit that we are starting next week.


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