Week of December 19th!


Winter Centers Wrap-Up: Students had a GREAT time dressing as reindeer, making snowmen, paintings, wrapping presents, and making ornaments. ALL crafts will come home on Monday. In the bag, the gift in the snowman bag is your present with a card inside!! Keep your eyes peeled. There is also a gift from me to each of them in there as well.

We’re in the homestretch! I’ll keep our blog short this week ūüôā

THANK YOU for my very generous cash holiday gift! I really appreciate all of your generosity and fabulous support this year. This is a wonderful class and I’m so thankful to get to work with them every day!


  • Wednesday, December 21st: LAST DAY and School-wide Pajama Day!
  • Winter Break-School Resumes January 5th! ENJOY!!!!

Our Week At A Glance:

In all areas we will continue to review and assess. ¬†I’ve been conferencing with students and giving assessments in all subjects. The Second Quarter ends this Wednesday!! We will be giving out report cards when students return!



Week of December 12th!

Image result for hot chocolate with marshmallows
BRRRR! I hope you are all enjoying some delicious and nutritious ūüôā ¬†hot cocoa with your sweet children this weekend! They all know exactly how to make it, as evidenced by their impressive “Hot Cocoa” books this week. They have all become beautiful writers! We are approaching the final countdown to Winter Break and our classroom is bustling with excitement!
Thank you for all of your hard work and generous donations for the Tritt Dash Fundraiser! All teachers have received their classroom’s respective portion of the total raised and I have been busily investing in supplies for our classroom. I have purchased books, an Osmo, some organizational materials, supplies, teaching units, etc. As a teacher, there is never a shortage of things to buy and I am so grateful to have these funds to help me do just that!
Weekly News:
Homework This Week: Please spend this week reading fun, holiday books with your children! Also, please review our addition and subtraction facts to 20. You can do this by using flashcards or any other method you prefer. This is so important! There will be NO additional homework this week!
Math:¬†I will introduce, “Balancing Equations,” i.e. 6+7=4+9. Please review addition and subtraction facts to 20 at home! We will also spend this week reviewing addition and subtraction to 20, place value and word problems through fun games and activities.

Reading:¬†We will be reading biographies this week to conclude our Nonfiction Unit and to tie into our Writing Unit where they will be writing biographies on a classmate. We will also continue reading holiday themed books which the children are loving! If your child has any favorites at home, please have them bring them in and I’ll be happy to read them aloud.

Writing: Students will be learning about singular and plural nouns this week. They will also be interviewing a classmate and will then convert these notes into a biography.

Phonics: There will be NO Spelling Test this week!

Social Studies: This week we will continue learning about our 7 continents and 5 oceans. They will create books on our continents and oceans and will continue learning more interesting facts about them. There will be an assessment at the end of the week.

S.T.E.M. Our class absolutely loved creating their animal shelters! They were entirely enthusiastic about their creations and really enjoyed learning about the animals that hibernate, and those that adapt or migrate. Through this hands-on activity, students learned the characteristics of a successful hibernation shelter.

I hope that everyone has a fantastic week!


Week of December 5th!


Next Week At A Glance:

It’s December, which is so hard to believe! The students are SO excited and come in every morning bustling to talk about the joys of this time of year! This week we kicked off this festive month with Mrs. Gordon, Olivia’s mom, coming in to teach us all about Hanukkah. The classs loved it! Thank you, Mrs. Gordon!

We are really getting into a nice groove and all the students are blossoming! Here’s what we will be learning this week:

Math:¬†We will¬†be focusing on solving word problems with our addition and subtraction facts to 20. This week we will be solving word problems involving comparisons. For example, “How many more did Joe have?,” and ” If Joe had 8 more that Kim, how many did Joe have?” Please continue to review all addition and subtraction problems to 20 at home using flashcards, or whichever way you prefer!

Reading: We will be reinforcing what good readers do when they read: Go back and reread, Make pictures in their minds, and Make Connections to their prior knowledge. In our small groups we will be focusing on answering higher level comprehension questions, after using these strategies while reading. Please make sure your children are reading 20 minutes a night and are using these strategies!

Writing: Students will be learning about common and proper nouns this week. We will continue our informational writing unit, this week writing about making hot cocoa. We’ll need some this weekend, for sure! Please continue reinforcing capitalization and ending punctuation at home with their homework!

Phonics: We will be learning about words that end with -ck.  Please look for the complete list in their red Homework Folders. As always, there will be a spelling test on Friday on 10 of those words, plus a Bonus word.

Science:¬†This week we will start learning about the 7 continents and 5 oceans. We will be learning them through songs, among many other ways! For example, sung to the tune of, “We’ve Got the Whole World in our Hands,” “We’ve got North and South America, in our hands, We’ve got Europe, Asia, Africa, in our hands, We’ve got Australia and Antarctica in our hands, We’ve got the whole globe in our hands.” There will be an ocean’s song as well, that I’m sure you’ll be hearing at home.

Social Studies:¬†We wrapped up our unti on Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea this week!The students loved learning about them and had a lot of fun doing so! One of my students said that she may cry when we’re not learning about them anymore. This is such a wonderful age to teach!

S.T.E.M.¬†We kicked off our next S.T.E.M. project related to hibernation. We talked about how animal’s needs and people’s needs change as the weather gets colder and ways in which we all adapt. Students will be creating shelters, much like animals who hibernate do. A letter will be coming home Monday with what you will need to send in this week. Our S.T.E.M. showcase will be this Thursday, December 8th. All are welcome to come in!