Week of September 19th!

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Testing is DONE! Your children were troopers and did an awesome job enduring those exhausting 3 days! Now, onto our last week of school before Cobb County’s Fall Break, September 26th through September 30th.


Tuesday, September 20th: Rally against Cancer! Kickball Game: Tritt vs. Mt. Bethel- 4:30 p.m. – 7:30 p.m. at Walton High School. Please buy your tickets and attend this very worthy cause!

Thursday, September 22nd: Field Trip to Bahama Bucks!

Our Week At  A Glance:

Math: We will continue our subtraction unit.  In order to subtract, students are using number lines, manipulatives (unifix cubes) and are counting down. We are also working on our Fact Families: i.e. 10-7=3, 10-3=7, 7+3=10, 3+7=10. Please continue to work with your children on their addition facts using flashcards, to keep those facts strong, as well as the subtraction facts.

Reading: This week we will be comparing and contrasting Fiction and Nonfiction books. We will be reading examples of each and will be discussing the purposes and characteristics of both. For their 20 minutes of reading each night, please try to cycle in some nonfiction, as well! In class we read individually, with partners, with groups and as a whole group.

Writing: As we usher in the glorious season of fall, we will be writing and celebrating all of the things we love about this fun-filled season!

Phonics: We will have our first Spelling Test this Friday, the 23rd! If you know your child will not be in school that day, please tell me so that I can have him/her take it Thursday afternoon. This will be helpful in assessing the l-blend, r-blend and s-blend words we have been working on. I will also be assessing the short vowel sounds that we have been working on! Please look for these words in the Red Homework folder, Monday.

S.T.E.M. We have been having fun learning about the water cycle. Ask your child to recite the “Water Cycle” song we have been learning. This week we will have more fun with water and will start planning for our next S.T.E.M. project, which will be to design and create a water container that prevents evaporation.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!



Week of September 12th

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This week, all first graders will be taking the CoGat test on Tuesday, the 13th, Wednesday, the 14th and Thursday, the 15th. Please make sure that your child gets a good night sleep and has a nutritious breakfast on those days, and every day, of course! Our schedule will be adjusted these days to accommodate our testing times. Also, there will be no homework folder sent home this week. However, please always have your child read 20 minutes a night. Thank you!

Reminder: Please send in your Bahama Bucks permission slip and $8.00 on Monday!

Our Week At  Glance:

Math: We will continue our subtraction unit.  In order to subtract, students are using number lines, manipulatives (unifix cubes) and are counting down. I am emphasizing the importance of knowing our addition facts in order to help us subtract and am highlighting the relationship between addition and subtraction.

Reading: This week we will continue to review characters, setting, event sequence as well as identifying the problem and solution of stories. In class we read individually, with partners, with groups and as a whole group.

Writing: We will resume our writers’ workshop and will continue writing narratives, honing in on “small moments.” We will continue following the touch and tell, sketch, then write process.

Phonics: We will spend this week reviewing our (4) phonics units so far: l-blend, r-blend, s- blend and s-blend at the end of the word, words. Next week we will have our first spelling test!! I will take a couple of words from each of these units to compile our list. These lists will come home next Monday, the 19th and the spelling test will be at the end of that week.

S.T.E.M. We will begin learning about the water cycle. We kicked off this unit this week when we went to the garden to observe our weather instruments noticed that the rain that our rain gauges had collected had disappeared. Where did it go? Many of the students deduced that it had evaporated! We will have more fun learning about this important cycle this week.

Enjoy the rest of your weekends!


Week of September 6th


We had a wonderful week of Weather! Our class even got to become real meteorologists for a day and predicted their forecasts. After factoring in the effects of Hurricane Hermine, many of them predicted rainbows to occur yesterday. So, can you please show them this picture of a real rainbow that I took last night? The dynamic weather we have had of late made the skies ripe for this majestic display! We have some very astute meteorologists in our class!

Our Week Ahead:

Math: We will wrap up our unit on Addition, 0-10, and will have an assessment on using these strategies  (Using number lines, Manipulatives and Counting On) with their math facts. We will start our subtraction unit later this week. We will continue  playing fun games which encourage them to learn their addition facts. If you have time at home, please continue practicing with flashcards. As always, we will spiral back to number sense, place value and counting up and down by 10’s, for review.

Reading: This week we will continue exploring story elements: characters, setting, and story events. We will start to learn about and identify the problem and solution of stories this week. So, when reading at home, please ask your children to identify the problem and solution of their stories for review!

Writing: This week we will be writing about seasons! Students will get to write about their favorite seasons. This will accompany our science unit on the seasons this week.

Phonics: We will be working on “s-blends at the end of the word” words this week, i.e. must. Look for these, as always, in the Homework folder this week (on the left-hand side). Next week, we will review all of the new words that we have accumulated since the beginning of the year-l-blend, r-blend, and s-blend words.

S.T.E.M. We were able to really use our collaboration, creativity, communication and critical thinking skills this week! The students did a great job creating their weather instruments and we brought them to the Tritt garden yesterday so that we can observe them get to work! We will continue our unit on weather, focusing on the seasons this week before we move on to the water cycle next week.

Enjoy your LONG, Labor Day weekend with your sweet children! They were very excited discussing all of their respective plans 🙂

Mrs. Fernandes