Week of August 29th

We had, yet another, fantastic week! Your children are working hard, learning so much and having fun to boot!

Here’s our weekly update:


Target (Gifted and Talented) News:

Gifted Eligibility Process Informational Meeting

Tritt’s Target Team will hold our annual Gifted Eligibility Process Informational Meeting on Thursday, September 1st, at 6:00 p.m. in the ILC. We will explain Cobb County’s eligibility process and criteria for the gifted program.  If you are wondering about this process and how it relates to your child or have specific questions, please plan to join us on September 1st
Looking Ahead to Next Week:
Math: We will continue with our Addition Unit (Using number lines, Manipulatives and Counting On). We will learn ways to make 10 and 20 this week. We started playing “Around the World” which encourages them to learn their addition facts. If you have time at home, practicing with flashcards is always helpful. This week I will also spiral back to number sense, place value and counting up and down by 10’s, for review.

Reading: This week we will focusing on sequencing, or retelling stories. I will also spiral in our reading strategies: Eagle Eye, Chunky Monkey, Skippy Frog, Flippy Dolphin and Stretchy Snake as well as integrate our knowledge of characters, setting and illustrations to enhance comprehension.

Writing: Students will continue writing on “small moments” in our workshop, utilizing all the strategies we have been learning. This week I will begin conferencing individually with students and we will identify individual writing goals for each child. These will be recorded, tracked and updated throughout the year in their writing portfolios.

Phonics: We will be working on s-blend words this week. Look for these in the Homework folder this week (on the left-hand side).

S.T.E.M. We will have our first S.T.E.M. Day this Wednesday, August 31st!!! Students will get to be real scientists and will have the opportunity to collaboratively design their own weather tools. Last week we learned about the different tools that scientists use, and Monday we will begin our Weather unit, so this will help to bring science to life for our students!!

I always like to add a personal touch to everything I teach and I appreciate all of the landform pictures that you sent in last week.

If you have any stories about your family involving weather, i.e. my husband and I got caught in a hurricane while we were on a cruise and my sister survived an earthquake in Tawain. I couldn’t make this up if I tried!  If you have any stories, could you share these stories with your children? I will certainly be sharing my stories and pictures of our harrowing battles with mother nature. If you have any pictures to send in as well, that would be great, but not necessary!

As always, thank you for sharing your children with me. I love being with them every day!

Mrs. Fernandes


Week of August 22nd!

I cannot believe that next week is our fourth week of school already!

Couple of Reminders:   

  1. Picture Day is this Wednesday, August 24th! Please send back forms to Order!!
  2. Please respond in your child’s Family Journal and send back Monday.
  3. Please send in your “Page of Pictures” on Monday if you haven’t yet for our Writers’ Workshop.

Math: We wrapped up our unit on Number Sense to 120 and will start our Addition Unit Monday. We will work on strategies such as using a number line and manipulatives, as well as counting on. I will also spiral back to number sense, place value and counting up and down by 10’s, for review.

Reading: We finished learning about Eagle Eye, Chunky Monkey, Skippy Frog, Flippy Dolphin and Stretchy Snake. Students all received a bookmark with these strategies on it. This week we will be delving into characters, setting and illustrations!

Writing: We will continue with our Writer’s Workshop. Our minilessons this week will focus on spelling strategies and we will start using our Classroom Word Wall.

Phonics: We will continue acquiring new l-blend and r-blend words.

S.T.E.M. We will continue focusing on Creativity and the importance of being able to look at things differently, i.e. thinking of new purposes for items.

Social Studies– Students used clues to deduce that our new unit will be about Landforms! This week we will continue working on our flip books about mountains, valleys, plains, plateaus, coasts. If you have any pictures or stories involving your family members and Landforms, can you please share them with your children this weekend and send them in on Monday?

Enjoy your weekend with your sweet children!

Week of August 15th

Thank you all for coming to Open House! It was wonderful meeting with you all after having 2 weeks with your children!


1)F.A.S.T. Classes start next week. Please send in a note telling me which classes your child is attending, if any!

2) Homework Folder-The Homework Folder will start coming home on Monday. Please have them complete the work in the folder by Friday. We will start the HW Calendars in September. For now, we will be sending work home in the folders.

3) Family Journals-Students completed their FIRST Family Journal entries today. Please respond this weekend, many of them asked you questions ;), and send the notebooks back Monday morning.

4) Lastly, please send in a paper, looseleaf sized is fine, filled with pictures of your child and special moments in their lives that you think they would like to write about by Friday, August 20th.


The class is doing so well with their routines, meeting expectations, and building their independence!! They are trying so hard! We will continue working hard with these routines and fostering independence.

Math: We will continue with data collection and representation (bar graphs), Number Sequence to 120, Place Value-tens and ones

Readers’ Workshop: This class loves to read! We will continue discussing how to find books that are “Just Right.” If they don’t know 5 words on a page, it is too hard! We will also continue learning how to ask questions while we read, identify the main idea/theme of a book. We will also begin our decoding startegies (Eagle Eye, Stretchy Snake, Chunky Monkey)

Writers’ Workshop: We will continue with our narrative writing on “small moments.” We will be creating a storybook this week.

S.T.E.M.: Students will practice good examples of collaboration and communication.

Content: We will continue working on “What is Respect?” and how we can show it throughout our days. You should be proud; you have very respectful and caring children!

Woo! That’s a lot! They are busy and I’m sure are exhausted at night!

Have a restful weekend,

Mrs. Fernandes






First Week Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead!

RocketAnd We’re Off!

We had a wonderful week and managed to squeeze in some reading, writing and math amidst all of our getting to know you activities and procedural groundwork. This is a fabulous group of students!

Looking ahead to next week:

Open House-Thursday, August 11th: Session 1:  6:00 pm-6:45 pm, Session 2:  7:00 pm-7:45 p.m.

What We’ll be Learning-Brief summary 😉

Reading-We will be starting with Comprehension Strategies (Main Idea and Asking Questions) and I will be assessing sight words.

Writing: We will be starting Writers’ Workshop! Please send in a collage of photos filling a 8 1/2 x 11″ paper filled with photos of their memories. I feel that this will be helpful in serving as a springboard for their ideas. If you could send this in by Friday, August 20th, that would be wonderful!!

Math: We will be reviewing number sense and sequence up to 120.

Health: We will be discussing respect and safety

Have a restful, fun weekend with your sweet children! They deserve it!

Mrs. Fernandes



First Day Success!

We had a GREAT first day of school! We have a sweet class filled with inquisitive learners! We spent the day going over classroom rules and procedures and even named our class mascot (be sure to ask your children about him)!

Here are a few reminders:

  1. Please send in a Nut-free, Substantial snack for your children. Our lunch is not until 11:50 a.m. and many of them were starving!
  2. Please send in any Cobb County Forms or Blue Communiction forms that you may have at home.
  3. Please send in your child’s paper bag actvity; we are sharing this week (about 5/day).

Looking forward to the rest of the week!

Mrs. Fernandes